About Reflex

We create architecture that strengthens ties to our surroundings and to each other. Well-executed architecture creates context, experiences and builds identity. We are driven by creation. With a strong idea, we create better spaces, buildings and communities. We are creative people from diverse backgrounds. Our diversity is our strength and brings new perspectives.

We have a big toolbox. We are confident in our creative process and methods, but are happy to explore new areas and approaches. We like to sketch by hand and test our ideas in physical models. We like it when volume and spatiality emerge with depth before our eyes and we can experience the tactility and properties of materials with our fingertips.

We are responsive but like to surprise. There is untold potential in every assignment and together we can discover and highlight new values.

We are architects, interior designers and engineers. Reform is our interior design studio - a Reflex brand. We are located in Stockholm and Gothenburg and carry out assignments nationally and internationally. Reflex was founded in 1999 and is today led by nine partners who are all active in our assignments.


Reflex Architects is led by the Board of Directors. Operational activities are managed by partners. In all assignments, a partner has overall responsibility towards the client. The assignments are managed by assignment managers who are in turn supported by administrators and employees.


Anna Wijkmark, Catrin Notbohm, Jenny Öberg, Lasse Eriksson, Peter Sahlin, Marco Testa, Maria Hedensjö Bergquist, Dženis Džihić and Rachid Lestaric.

Operational management

Marco Testa (CEO), Catrin Notbohm (COO) and Marcus Hellman (CFO).

Strategic management

Marco Testa, Anders Nordlund, Anna Wijkmark, Jenny Öberg, Maria Rudberg and Peter Sahlin.


Rachid Lestaric.

Board of Directors

Marcus Hellman (Chairman/CFO), Marco Testa (CEO), Anders Nordlund, Jenny Öberg, Catrin Notbohm, Anna Wijkmark, Björn Kusoffsky, Jon Bossuyt (employee representative) and Elenita Borg (employee representative alternate).

Work here

We always want to be in contact with dedicated architects, interior designers and building engineers. If you are interested in working with us, please send us your application. See current positions or upload your CV and digital portfolio here.


Reform is our interior design studio - a Reflex brand.

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Kungsportsavenyn 22
411 36 Gothenburg


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