Central Sundbyberg is renewed. The new Kronan is developing into a modern environmentally smart office block, which interacts with its new urban context.

  • YEAR
    2015 - 2021
  • Category
    Trade, Office
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    New and rebuilding

About the project

The Kronan block in central Sundbyberg originally consisted of three buildings built in 1981. The property is characterized by a 15-storey office building that rises high above the surrounding houses. In the block there was also a six-storey office building and a four-storey parking garage blasted into the rock. The new Kronan has developed into a modern environmentally smart office block, where 40,000 sqm of new space for offices and parking has been created.

The new buildings, designed by Reflex, contribute to creating an urban character along Sturegatan. The buildings are divided into smaller volumes with varied design and height to fit into the small-scale Sundbyberg.

The variety of houses in scale and shape is accentuated by an individual façade design. The façade materials are timeless and durable in a graphic color scheme that contrasts with the reddish-brown brick in the high-rise. The façade at the intersection of Sturegatan-Ekensbergsvägen consists of integrated solar panels in black glass.

All parts of the block are accessed via entrances from Sturegatan, which lead directly to three light gardens. Natural meeting places are created in the block through common areas in the lower levels with reception, conference and meeting rooms. Generous green roof terraces offer views of the surroundings. There are also solar panels on the roofs.

The project has been designed to achieve the LEED Platinum Core & Shell environmental certification.

The whole of Nya Kronan is leased to the Swedish Tax Agency, which has gathered its employees here on 42,000 square metres, almost half the space compared to before.

From 2013 to 2018 Reflex has been responsible for the concept, detailed plan, programme documents and system documents. Construction documents have been designed by CF Möller for the contractor Skanska. The buildings were completed in 2021.

Nya Kronan won the Building of the Year 2022 in the hotel and office category.

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