May 6, 2019

Reflex wins competition with new build-up for tenants' association

The tenants' association went out in an architectural competition on how to develop a construction of the Tenants' Association's property kv Hästen 26 located on Norrlandsgatan 7 in Stockholm. Reflex Architects went winning out of the competition with a proposal based on a wooden frame.

The tenants' association's house on Norrlandsgatan 7 was designed by architect Birger Jonsson and was completed in 1937. The building is a period-typical functional office building that has a simple but careful expression that stands out well in the modern urban context. Now the Tenants' Association wants to develop its property. Around this was a tender competition where Reflex Arkitekter's contribution was the winning one.

Reflex suggestion: More for more
Reflex winning proposal is to develop the property with regard to the business's
own core values: utility, glow and renewal. Existing features are redistributed and new ones added to modernise building and create new attractive workplaces in the city's best location. A large assembly hall and roof terrace create a new modern platform for the development of their own business.
As part of this, the top two retracted floors of the existing eight-storey building are demolished and replaced with a new extension. The new four-storey building will house office space, communal collection areas and roof terraces. The frame is made in wood and the façade and the terraced volume takes into account the historical and physical context while expressing renewal and sustainability.

"Reflex Arkitekter's proposal has in a very good way combined our core values with the modernisation of our building. It also takes into account the surroundings in a good way and our expansion takes place in harmony with the surrounding neighborhoods. I am also fond of the solution to build the frame in wood, which is both economically and environmentally friendly, says Jonas Nygren, Federal Manager at the Tenants' Association.

Sustainable wooden frame with many benefits
One bearing in idea in Reflex's suggestion is that the frame for the build-up is in wood. It is good from a sustainability perspective but also building technically and economically advantageous.

"A wooden frame weighs a fifth of what a corresponding concrete frame would weigh. This is a major advantage in redevelopment and extensions where existing houses are built on with new floors.
Not least, transport and the assembly itself becomes easier with lighter building elements that need to be lifted up at high altitude, but you also get less strain on the existing concrete frame, says Dzenis Dzihic architect at Reflex Arkitekter.

Harmony with the surroundings
The proposed extension takes great account of its surroundings both in volume and in façade materials. The roof foot level towards Norrlandsgatan is raised to be drawn from the street in the upper built floors and create a staircase towards the street room. This management not only creates a natural transition in scale towards the adjacent Master House, but it also allows rooftop terraces to be created against the street. The exterior design is based on the careful composition of material and shape of the existing façade, while it relates to the other context in which it is characterised by both old and new.