July 2, 2018

Luxurious and brave when Red Bull got new office with wings

The result of PS Arkitektur's work with Red Bull's office in Stockholm was a spectacular workplace that was shortlisted in the competition Sweden's best-looking office. Working with such a brave and bold brand as Red Bull has its challenges. Peter Sahlin talks about the challenges facing the team behind the office.

What is the challenge of working with customers who are already very brave, creative and have strong expressions?

Working with Red Bull as a client was a fun challenge. The client team was very human but at the same time very demanding – here no middle milk was baptized! They wanted to buy wings for the money!

What was the vision of the project how well did it fall out, do you think?

The vision was red bull's motto: We'll give you wings! The mission was to create an office that provides mental power.

We started the project by producing a film about what it could be like. We were set for a colourful expression but the end result was black, gold and leather, something that ultimately turned out to suit Red Bull much better. It was luxurious and brave!

How has the work situation for employees improved with the new office?

They love their premises! The new office has a completely different atmosphere, not least because it is 3.5 meters in ceiling height. In addition to the obvious fact that we created a really good workplace, it is also an office equipped for events and parties. It's a place you really want to be invited to when there's a party.

Red Bull is known for a series of crazy own projects around music and action sports. Which of these is your favorite project?

I myself have seen the Red Bull Diving Experience in Mostar. Unbelievable and crazy to see people throwing themselves down from a 40-foot-high bridge. Otherwise, we in the team are weak for everything Pharell Williams does as ambassador for Red Bull. Incredibly stylish videos.

Anything else you want to add?

We brought AMF Real Estate (the property owner) on the train which was a success factor. It allowed us together to take out the turns a little extra and give the project the wings it deserved!

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